about us

Hi there! We're Joi.

There are too many options, additives, and opinions cluttering up the wellness industry. Joi was created to give everyone a more approachable path to wellness by keeping it simple, with clean, affordable supplements that make it easy to feel as good as you look. We use expertly sourced ingredients, clearly listed on all of our products so you always know exactly what you’re taking, and why.

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What we value

Keeping our planet clean

As a startup, we are already focused on our footprint. We use re-usable glass jars and recycled cardboard to ship our products. 

The best, most natural ingredients

It's our mission to offer products with clean ingredients and leave out any of the cheap fillers.

Bringing you health and joy

There's nothing better than feeling good inside and out. We get joy seeing the happiness in our customers achieving their wellness goals. We're here for you!

How we make our products

Your health is our priority, and we don’t cut any corners when it comes to developing Joi products. We start with research: what are the latest, best, and most reliable nutrients that affect the health issues we want to address? We collaborate with Registered Dietitians – the most qualified Nutritionists in the field who have gone through an extensive certification process – as well as researchers at top universities. Together, we identify the micro-nutrients your body needs and the natural ingredients that can provide them. Then, we select ingredients: our formulas are rigorously curated with the support of clinical studies, double-blind trials and experiential research. To ensure the greatest personal benefit with the least environmental impact, all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced, gluten-free, and GMO-free (no ingredients that have been genetically modified or artificially manipulated). As often as possible, we make our vitamins vegetarian and vegan friendly, and in cases where there’s no plant-based alternative, you can be sure we’re working actively with our suppliers to develop one.
the founder

I'm Alex.

There was a time when I felt anxiety and panic had more control over my life than I did. I’m not alone – as of last year, over 40 million adults in the US are wresting with daily anxiety – but no one seemed to be talking about it. For two years, I committed myself to researching with industry leaders and testing different plant based ingredients in search of a natural solution. What I eventually found was exactly what I wanted – relief.

But there are 40 million of us out there, and the products I was finding in the market were confusing, overwhelming, and full of ingredients I knew I didn’t need. So I set out to create a brand that was clear, natural, and effective, to make sure the relief I’d found was easy to find for the next anxiety-sufferer who went looking. My hope is that the more we share Joi, the more we leave our supplements proudly displayed on our countertops and IG feeds, the more we talk about how normal these struggles are, the more we’ll help break the stigma that surrounds them. I hope Joi makes it easier for anyone to ask for, and find, the help they need.  And I hope our products bring you the same relief they bring to me.